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When you buy our products you don't just buy them. When you buy our products you buy a piece of Johnny Russia. Johnny Russia is a social collaboration partnership specializing in awesome. We don't just believe in miracles, we rely on them!

It works like this. We set aside a portion of Johnny Russia - 20,481,000 non-voting shares to be exact. Of these, 2,047,000 shares are to be distributed when products are purchased - every $25 you spend on buying Johnny Russia products gets you one share. From time to time we may change this price per share in response to business conditions. One share doesn't seem like much, does it?

But check this!

Your shares grow exponentially! How? Like this. Shares belong to different groups. First we start with 1000 shares. The people who believe in us from the start and who are the first to buy our products receive shares from this first group of 1000. You can be one of these people. When we give out all 1000 shares, we then move to the next 2000 shares. Then to 4000. Then to 8000. And so on until all 2,047,000 shares are spoken for by the people wearing Johnny Russia goodness.

So what?

The Johnny Russia experience is this. When someone else in the group after you buys Johnny Russia products, you get awarded double the amount of shares for what you bought when you bought what you bought on top of what you were already awarded when you bought it. It's all connected!

Here's an example. Let's say we sold enough products to distribute the first 4033 shares and you just found out about Johnnny Russia and decided to get yourself a sweet looking hoodie for $75. Great. Congrats. At the current price of $25 per share this will get you three shares. Your shares are 4034, 4035, and 4036. As time goes on, we sell more and more Johnny Russia products and award enough shares to get to our group 8000 set of shares. What happens now is awesome. When we get to the group 8000 set of shares, you are awarded double your shares, or 6 shares, on top of your original 3 shares. So you now have 9 shares. And then when we get to the 16,000 group, you get awarded double the shares from the previous doubling, so you get 12 new shares, plus 6 from the previous group, plus 3 original shares for a total of 21 shares! And all you did was buy a hoodie. Before you know it, you will have hundreds of shares. Many of you will have thousands. In fact, those people who buy products corresponding to the first group 1000 shares will have 2047 shares for every one original share awarded!

The idea is simple.

Johnny Russia wants to be big. Johnny Russia wants to go places. But we can't go anywhere without you. You buy our gear, you make us grow. We reward you with company stock. You are now part of us. We get big together. The more stuff you buy, the more you promote, the more shares you own. Our long term plans include growing up into a large American brand in the action sports industry, going international, possibly going public, and dabbling in other ventures. If all these things fall into place, you will certainly discover yourself in a heightened state of emotion. Remember, this is not forever - only until all 2,047,000 shares in 11 groups are distributed. Do the math. Did we mention that our products are made in the USA? Well they are and this is your chance to support America.

If we make it, you make it.

So do something. Create a masterpiece. Redefine dynamics. Fashion relationships. Become a titleholder.

Affect the future!