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I'm Mark Hendry, 15, West Milford, Jerzey. Local rides: Killington and Creek. I Love to ride with local homies.
I'm Erik Ostlund.15.West Milford. I ride 156 Gnu Park Pickle. Home mountains: Mountain Creek and Killington.
I'm Joey Leon and I've been riding park for 2 years now and riding overall for 5. I love to hang and chill with friends. Chocolate milk makes me crap.
This is Maggie and she's pretty awesome. Boards, skates, draws, lives. Sometimes breaths. Super talent contribution to the Johnny Russia brand!
I'm Justin Peyton. I been snowboarding for 2 years and I'm a virgin.
Name is Jarrett. I've been skateing for 14 years. I should be better than I am but I can't complain cause I love skating and won't stop for anything.
I'm Jason Messina and 21 years young. I love skateboarding all day and just chilling with my friends. My skating style is unique - keep it out of the boundaries and expand the creativity in skateboarding
I'm Ezra Hennie, 14 year old rider straight outta Killington,VT and I love to snowboard, skateboard, and just chill with friends.
I'm Caroline Patten and I'm 22. I snowboard and surf... but I'm also big into into sailing. I sailed for my college team.
Melissa talent. Draws, raps, plays. She lives a high life. Super good to JR.